What is an Motorhome?

The caravan is a vehicle that serves both as a means of transport and as a living space. It’s basically a house on wheels, built around a chassis.

Depending on the model, they are equipped with 4 seats, 3-4 sleeping places, kitchen (equipped with stove, fridge, freezer in some models, sink, worktop), bathroom (shower with hot/cold water, toilet, sink), large storage spaces, hot water and heating.

Clean water tank = 120l

Waste water tank = 120l

Ecological toilet box = 20l

Gas cylinders = 1 or 2, depending on model.

All Romanian Campers motorhomes have special winter equipment, with gas or diesel heating of increased capacity, frost protection of the installations, making them usable in conditions of particular comfort at temperatures between -40 + 50 degrees Celsius.

The trailers are fully functional both in camping mode (connected to utilities, on the campsite) and in off camping mode (on the beach or mountain top, without electricity or water/gas).

Who can rent a caravan?

Persons holding a category B driving licence older than 5 years. The seniority requirement is for everyone’s safety, so we make sure that drivers have enough experience to drive the car without incident.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

We calculate the rental costs according to the number of days you want and the period you want to go on holiday. Also, when you take over the car, you will also pay in cash the countervalue of the guarantee of 2500 lei (or the equivalent amount in lei). It’s a precautionary measure that helps both sides. The warranty covers any damage that may occur through the fault of the driver. For each unwanted event, we will deduct 250 Euro for the CASCO excess.

Damages inside the car are not covered by CASCO insurance, they will be assessed at an authorised service and the cost of repairs will be deducted from the warranty. On return from leave, if the car has not been damaged in any way, the guarantee will be fully refunded.

How much fuel does it consume?

Our cars are diesel. Consumption varies according to the number of people in the car, the weight of luggage and driving habits. As an idea: the average fuel consumption is between 9.5-12.5 litres/100km.

Where can you camp with your caravan?

With a motorhome you have an impressive variety of choice. You can camp amidst dreamy landscapes; practically anywhere the road allows access by car. Our suggestion is to make sure you are allowed to camp there and are not in danger. The safest option is, of course, to camp in specially designated/camping sites.

Is there a kilometre limit?

No! Romanian Campers does not impose a mileage limit.

Are the motorhomes disinfected?

After each journey, the coaches go through a complex sanitising and disinfecting process to remove germs, dirt and odours.

Where can I park my personal vehicle during the rental period?

You can park your car directly at our location from where you picked up your car, parking is free of charge.

What is the travel speed?

Motorhomes are subject to the same restrictions as cars, but we recommend a slower speed for your safety.

On motorways we recommend a speed of 100-110 km/h and 80-90 km/h on other road categories.

Are there any additional costs?
  • Sanitation – 250 lei/trip (the cars, after each trip, go through a complex sanitation process to remove any traces of dirt, odors and other small repairs so that the next customer has all the comfort during the stay).
  • Consumables (gas cylinder, toilet chemicals, soluble toilet paper) – 300 lei/night.
  • Vineyard outside Romania and other tolls.
  • Fuel (diesel).
  • Camping fees.

In total, the cleaning and consumables fee is 550 lei per stay.