Spending time in nature

A different kind of work from home in nature

Integrating with nature

Travel to the most amazing places

We are retreating into nature

Allow yourself to dream of unforgettable holidays

Motorhomes rentals in Bucharest

The mountain

Now you can get to the farthest mountains, be in nature, admire the scenery, enjoy life

The sea

A morning with the sea breeze, the endless beach, the setting sun, unforgettable moments


Fishing is no longer a chore because now you can take all your gear with you. In fact, now you’ve left with a house behind you


You like sports, you are passionate about hiking in nature. Nothing can stop you. It’s your childhood passion

Motorhomes rentals in Bucharest

Fond memories with family and friends


This winter we chose to go to the mountains by Motorhomes, more precisely to the Măgura near Bran. It was a very nice experience and I was amazed at how comfortable and warm the Motorhomes is. Thank you Romanian Motorhomes!
Jeni Moise, Popesti-Leordeni


We rented the Motorhomes for a family trip on a tour of Romania. We didn’t expect it to be so pleasant to ride in the comfort of a real mobile home. The driving experience itself is just as beautiful as the camping. See you next time!
Cătălin Maraloiu, Bucharest


We expected that in December it would not be so easy to go skiing with a Motorhomes. The experience was much more pleasant than expected and the heating systems were more than sufficient. The road in winter conditions is unexpectedly comfortable and the visibility excellent.
George Ionescu, Domnești

Dotari de lux

Best of the range

Parking and camping

You have everything you need to connect your Motorhomes to running water and electricity at any campsite. The LPG and diesel tanks provide excellent range.

Additional facilities

Multimedia navigation, 5800BTU stationary air conditioning, awning, Anker 757 portable charging station (optional), Könner&Söhnen KS 2000i S soundproofed digital power generator (optional), are just a few of our extras;

Prepare the meal

Portable stainless steel grill, crockery and cutlery set, pot and pans set and full camping set, camping table and chairs set, stove and large fridge freezer with triple feed.

Sanitary facilities

All the Motorhomes are equipped with a shower and large toilets, in fact the largest in this range, because we like the space

Fast Internet

A 4G router connects all your devices and your Smart TV to the Internet both in Romania and within EU countries

Electricity and batteries

220-volt battery backup, inverter and 220- and 12-volt outlets ensure power and charging for all your electrical devices and gadgets


Optionally, the Motorhomes can be equipped with audio system – JBL Party Box speakers (240W) for unforgettable moments with friends.

Cinema in nature

Optionally, you can request to rent state-of-the-art mobile projectors so you don’t miss your favorite team’s games or your favorite Netflix episodes

Bike rack

Our Motorhomes are equipped with a rack for 3-4 bikes (depending on the number of seats) so you can explore the most inaccessible places

Listen to the call of nature by travelling with a motorhome.


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